Data types in structured indexes

Hi, I was wondering what data types are available in structured indexes? I was unable to find this in the documentation.

Here is a list of all datatypes as well as the features that they can have in a structured index.

Data types:
Structured indexes come with datatypes which must be specified in the type attribute. Available types are:

  • text
  • int (32 bit)
  • float (32 bit)
  • long (64 bit)
  • double (64 bit)
  • array<text>
  • array<int>
  • array<float>
  • array<long>
  • array<double>
  • bool
  • multimodal_combination (for multimodal combination fields)
  • image_pointer (for image URLs that you want to be downloaded)

Fields in structured indexes also have features which enable things like filtering, score modification, and lexical search.

  • int and float fields may have score_modifier in their features
  • text and array<text> fields may have lexical in their features
  • everything except image_pointer and multimodal_combination can have filter in their features