Marqo Major Release 1.0.0

:rocket: New Major Release! Introducing Marqo 1.0.0! :rocket:

===== :exclamation: Breaking Changes :exclamation: =====

:control_knobs: New required parameter tensor_fields will replace non_tensor_fields in the add_documents endpoint. Only fields in tensor_fields will have embeddings generated, offering more granular control over which fields are vectorised. The non_tensor_fields parameter is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

:zap: Multiple tensor field optimisation. This optimisation results in faster and more stable searches across multiple tensor fields. Please note that indexed documents will now have a different internal document structure, this is incompatible with older versions of Marqo.

:mag_right: The add_documents endpoint’s request body is now an object, with the list of documents under the documents key. The query parameters use_existing_tensors, image_download_headers, model_auth, and mappings have been moved to the body as optional keys, and support for these parameters in the query string is deprecated. This change results in shorter URLs and better readability, as values for these parameters no longer need to be URL-encoded.

:robot: Better validation for index creation with custom models. This validation is now done at index creation time, rather than at add documents or search time.

:capital_abcd: Stricter filter_string syntax for search. The filter_string parameter must have special Lucene characters escaped with a backslash ('') to filter as expected.

:desktop_computer: Removed server-side batching for the add_documents endpoint. Instead, client-side batching is encouraged.

===== :bulb: New Features :bulb: =====

:page_with_curl: Multi-field pagination. The offset parameter can now be used to paginate through results spanning multiple searchable_attributes.

:rocket: Optimised default index configuration.

===== :lady_beetle: Bug Fixes & Minor Changes :lady_beetle: =====

:broom: Removed or updated all references to outdated features in the examples and the README.

:hammer_and_wrench: Enhanced bulk search test stability.

===== :mega: Contributor Shout-outs :mega: =====

:star2: Thank you to our 3.2k stargazers!

:trophy: We’ve finally come to our first major release, Marqo 1.0.0! Thank you to all our users and contributors, new and old, for your feedback and support to help us reach this huge milestone. We’re excited to continue building Marqo with you. Happy searching!

See the full release notes here: Release Release 1.0.0 Β· marqo-ai/marqo Β· GitHub

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Awesome! Thanks @owen-elliott

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