Marqo Version 1.2.0 Released 🦛

Announcing Marqo 1.2.0 :racing_car:

===== New features =====

:stethoscope: Storage status in health check endpoint
The GET /indexes/{index-name}/health endpoint’s backend object will now return the boolean storage_is_available, to indicate if there is remaining storage space. If space is not available, health status will now return yellow.

:basketball: Score Modifiers search optimization
This optimization reduces latency for searches with the score_modifiers parameter when field names or weights are changed.

===== Bug fixes and minor changes =====

:rotating_light: Improved error message for full storage
When storage is full, Marqo will return 400 Bad Request instead of 429 Too Many Requests.

:memo: Searching with a zero vector now returns an empty list instead of an internal error

===== Contributor shout-outs =====

:star: A huge thank you to all our 3.3k stargazers!

:mega: Thank you for all the continued discussion in our forum. Keep all the insights, questions, and feedback coming!

See full release notes here.

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