General Availability has Arrived for Marqo Cloud

:tada: Exciting news… Marqo Cloud is generally available :tada:

Now anyone can easily scale and manage Marqo search applications in the cloud.

Marqo Cloud delivers a fully managed solution for Marqo, encompassing all the attributes of the open-source software. It’s designed to equip users with the essential tools for scaling Marqo, from initial proof of concept to expansive production operations.

With our cloud platform you can:

  • Scale at the click of a button
  • Utilise CPU and GPU inference pods
  • Create and configure indexes with a GUI
  • Access 24/7 support
  • Configure highly available deployments
  • Enjoy low latency search from our optimised configuration
  • Manage users and API keys for your service

You can find more details about Marqo Cloud in our article here.


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Finally! What a huge milestone. Excited to see how big Marqo can grow!