Marqo Release 0.1.0

:rocket: The Marqo team is proud to introduce 0.1.0! :rocket:

New features

:stopwatch: Telemetry

Marqo now includes various timing metrics for the search, bulk_search and add_documents endpoints when the query parameter telemetry=True is specified. The metrics will be returned in the response body and provide a breakdown of latencies for various stages of the API call.

:space_invader: Consolidate default device to CUDA

By default, Marqo now uses CUDA devices for search and indexing if available. This helps ensure you get the best indexing and search experience without having to explicitly add the device parameter to search and add_documents calls.

:open_file_folder: Model download integrity verification

Model files are validated and removed if corrupted during download. This helps ensure that models are not loaded if they are corrupted.

Breaking changes

:scissors: Remove deprecated add_or_update_documents endpoint

:person_gesturing_no:t4: Disable automatic index creation

Marqo will no longer automatically create an index if it does not exist. Attempting to add documents to a non-existent index will now result in an error. This helps provide more certainty about the properties of the index you are adding documents to, and also helps prevent accidental indexing to the wrong index.

:straight_ruler: Remove parallel indexing

Marqo no longer supports server-side parallel indexing. This helps deliver a more stable and efficient indexing experience. Parallelisation can still be implemented by the user.

Bug fixes and minor changes

:warning: Improve error messages
:love_letter: Improve API request validation
:national_park: Add new multimodal search example
:computer: Remove autocast for CPU to speed up vectorisation on ARM64 machines
:balance_scale: Enhance test stability
:martial_arts_uniform: Ignore .kibana index
:page_facing_up: Improve handling of whitespace when indexing documents
:video_game: Update CUDA version to 11.4.3

Contributor shout-outs

:sparkles: Thank you to our 3.1k stargazers! :sparkles:

See full release notes here: Release 0.1.0 ยท marqo-ai/marqo ยท GitHub

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