Knowledge Graph generator with Marqo, Griptape and Neo4J

Hey all,

I built a toy knowledge graph generator using Marqo, Griptape and Neo4J. Here’s a demo: Dropbox - - Simplify your life

The demo creates a functional Neo4J backend from the academic papers I dragged in, and is able to merge them into a single knowledge graph with an aligned schema. Keen to get feedback and also any suggestions for improvement. It’s not open sourced yet as I need to clean up the code.

Keep in mind theres a few agent calls within the process, so most of the video is just buffering time, but there’s two distinct sections: an initial knowledge graph created with the Attention Is All You Need paper, and then a merging of that and the HuggingFace Transformers paper.

Would be great to get any feedback or suggestions for improvements / features.


Hi @tomsmoker,

Thanks for sharing! I can see this tool being helpful as a study aid.

In terms of feedback:

  • The iterative nature of building the graph is really cool
  • It would be cool to have summaries from each topic (perhaps when you mouse over one)
  • It would also be nice to speed things up. A good place to start is if we could view logs with timestamps as you play around with this application. From there we can dive into components that can be optimised.

Really cool to see you using Marqo to power this application.